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Prime Minister of Australia … Why Not!


Australians will achieve true equality the day an Aboriginal woman leads our country, domestically and internationally, as Prime Minister.

A shocking thought? It is for many men and women who I have asked the question “what do you think about an Aboriginal woman as Prime Minister of Australia”. Men mostly respond with “that will never happen” or “you’ve got to be joking” but interestingly women tend to respond with something like “wow, can you imagine”. Yes, I can imagine but will it be in my lifetime, probably not.

The question is confrontational and a good check as to where you sit with equality and ethnicity – I’ll leave that one for you to quietly contemplate.

But, my question, imagine an Aboriginal woman as Prime Minister, is a strong reminder of how much we still need to do, not only for Indigenous women but all women. Education, opportunity, resilience and old fashioned hard work is the only way one truly succeeds but if you don’t fit a certain ‘image’ then the odds are against you. So, what can be done.

All of us, men and women, have a responsibility to every young woman living in Australia, to tell them to shoot for the stars because who knows where they might land. We need to be ‘opportunity providers’. Who knows, with the right education, encouragement and environment where Australian women will land – regardless of the colour of their skin, the country in which they or their parents were born or the religion they believe. This is the Australia I want for my daughter and this is the reason I am so passionate about empowering women to be bold and brave in their own lives.

I was invited to do an interview with Black Star Radio during Queensland Women’s week. My goal was to make a powerful statement as the program reached Indigenous Australians living in Cape York Peninsula, Queensland. During the interview I said, I would love to see an Indigenous woman as our Prime Minister. I hope one young women thought, why not me.


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