Yolonde Entsch: Guest Speaker Authentic & engaging, for corporate & community events

If you are looking for a dynamic and authentic speaker who will engage and captivate your audience, a strong woman guest speaker, then look no more. Yolonde will share personal experiences and stories, without holding back on the details. She will remind your audience to believe in themselves and their ability to transform lives, theirs and those around them.



Yolonde Entsch has been there and done that. We’re talking everything from working on the farm, to walking the corridors of power in Canberra. Meeting, marrying, becoming a Mum, separating and marrying again. She loves life and will inspire audiences with authenticity.

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A high flyer who is passionate about equality and the importance of empowering women. From Parliament House, to weaving with women in the outback and connecting with remote communities in far off places, to achieve change and better outcomes. More below.

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Abreast of current issues, global developments and initiatives, Yolonde shares her thoughts on the world as we live it, in her blog. This is populated with thought provoking written pieces, as well as video blogs. It’s being updated all the time, so have a look and stay up to date.

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Yolonde Entsch is a strong guest speaker who inspires and motivates her audience through stories about her life and experiences, the good and the not so good! Yolonde has the ability to connect with her audience so that they feel as though she is speaking directly to them. She has a range of topics you can choose from, or can tailor something to suit your group. Personal talking topics include:

  • From Stilettos in Canberra to Gumboots in Malanda
  • Project Happiness
  • The Importance of Empowering Women
  • To Serve
  • I Love My Life!
  • Kokoda: A Girl’s Survival Guide!

Yolonde is an authentic and engaging keynote and guest speaker. She’s a passionate advocate for encouraging women to engage and act.

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If your focus is on humanitarian work, building capacity and resilience, then choose from any of the below topics. Or contact Yolonde to have something specific prepared for your group, event or conference.

  • Empowering women living in 13 isolated villages in Papua New Guinea
  • Taking primary health to the streets and caring for our homeless
  • Inspiring and motivating ‘at risk’ younger women aged 15 – 18
  • Guiding indigenous women living in remote community in Australia to think about their skills and talents, and what they want out of life
  • First world problems…really…it’s time for you to serve!

Thank you for sharing yesterday, wow you kept us on the edge of our seats throughout your presentation. You gave us scope to extend our goals and aspirations and; you presented each of us the challenge to move from ordinary to extraordinary…what a great day. On a personal note you have motivated me to help myself to get in shape and get busy living and move above the stress that surrounds our lives at home - thank you x

I so enjoyed Yolonde’s beautiful presentation. It mustn’t have been easy to share some of the personal moments that she did. She was very real and authentic. I think we all need to hear these human stories from time to time. I loved it.

I've never seen a presentation with more heart than yours, Yolonde. You connected me immediately to the story, conveyed a powerful compassion and a commitment to empowering all involved. I was uplifted and inspired by your energy, insight and vision. If you're speaking at an event, I'll be there!


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