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Moon Sick Care Bags: story celebrated in new short film, ‘A Woman’s Calling’


In October 2018, I had the privilege of taking two beautiful women from Doomadgee across the Torres Strait to deliver 330 Moon Sick Care Bags to extremely disadvantaged women living in the Treaty Villages of Western Province, Papua New Guinea. 

It was the culmination of an 18-month project that saw a group of women from this remote Aboriginal community embrace the opportunity to help their sisters in PNG, who do not even have the most basic resources to manage menstruation hygienically or effectively. 

When I saw the determination and commitment in the eyes of the Doomadgee ladies and then held the brightly-coloured Moon Sick Care Bags, washable sanitary pads and soap that they had made, I knew this story needed to be told. 

Empowering Women Empowering Communities is extremely proud to have come up with the documentary concept and played a significant role in seeing this short film come to life.  

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this beautifully-filmed, six-minute telling of the Moon Sick Care Bag Project story is revealing, inspiring and heart-warming.   

How is it that those who have so little are willing to step up and help those that have even less? So many of us become consumed in our day-to-day lives, believing we are too busy to give back. Well, the Doomadgee ladies certainly put many of us to shame! 

To see how Moon Sick Care Bags have inspired so many Aboriginal women reminds me yet again of the power of our Empowering Women Program. 

I can’t wait for ‘A Women’s Calling’ short film to be released in the coming months. Watch this space – I promise you’ll be impressed.


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